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Practicing physical therapy for over a decade, Diana Daza, RPT, knows from experience that only hands-on, one-on-one compassionate care results in the best possible patient outcomes. Her thousands of patients have all received individualized and personalized service, treating each patient’s unique needs with a customized treatment plan. Area doctors have come to trust Diana for her ability to bond with patients, produce results and deliver informed care. Please see our testimonials to find out what her patients have to say.

Your physical therapist: Diana Daza, RPT

Diana_DazaDiana Daza, RPT - Bronx, NY“I love having direct contact with people. I love helping those who are injured and disabled. Physical therapy most appeals to me because I am motivated to restore lost function and mobility for my patients. My mission is to relieve their pain, improve their mobility, restore their function and prevent or limit their physical disabilities through customized manual therapies.
“Every time I see a new patient, I provide the best-quality care. I’ve learned that every patient is different. Even two patients with the same diagnosis will respond differently to different therapies. I am compassionate, respectful and positive. It is most satisfying to help a critically ill or injured patient progress to function.”

Board-Certified: Physical Therapy, University of the State of New York
BSc: Physical Therapy, University of Colombia, Bogota
Member: American Physical Therapy Association
Bilingual: English & Spanish

For information or to schedule an appointment with Diana Daza, RPT, please call our Rehabilitation Physical Therapy office in Bronx, New York at 718-863-3292 today.