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One-on-one care for back & neck pain.

When you have pain and immobility in the back and neck, you need help regaining freedom of movement and freedom from pain. We can help by restoring a level of activity, strength and motion to your back, neck and life that you didn’t think you could have again. As a physical therapist with over 14 years of experience, Diana Daza, RPT, uses comprehensive hands-on techniques and proven treatments for back and neck pain. Her experience and one-on-one patient focus help you achieve better results.

She will thoroughly evaluate your health and pain history. This gives her an understanding of how your pain evolved (a traumatic injury, a gradual injury or one that just appeared “out of the blue”), what positions make the pain better or worse and what types of daily activities you perform that may worsen your pain.

Because no two patients are the same, a specific back and neck pain treatment program may use one, two or several therapies or modalities to relieve pain and add flexibility and movement to your life. So don’t let back or neck pain and lost mobility stop you from enjoying your life. For the caring, compassion, experience and excellent results you want, choose Rehabilitation Physical Therapy. And trust that we can help you get moving comfortably again.

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